Upper Body: Arms & Bat Wings

  • Firm and Resculpt flabby arms using
    BeautyTek Cell Genesis Technology

    Be rejuvenated from “WITHIN”, by holistically rejuvenating the Cells of the body. This technology allows miracles to occur–you can turn back the clock and feel as good as you look!

    BeautyTek is a highly effective scalpel–free face lift that delivers an overall firmness in the skin‚ a lift in facial and neck muscles‚ improvement in the skin tone and texture around the face and neck with the removal of excess fat and fluids. Gradually fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed away while sagging jowls and deeper lines become a thing of the past. Facial muscles will become permanently more toned‚ resulting in a surgery–free facelift. The skin and underlying tissue is regenerated‚ improving the tautness of the skin and therefore enhancing the natural contour. Facial treatments in particular continue to improve after a course of treatments have been completed.

  • Arm Skin Tightening and Circumference reduction using
    Freeze Technology

    For the treatment of Cellulite‚ Circumferential Reduction, Skin Tightening and various anti–aging effects. New to Australia‚ we introduce Freeze Technology… Venus Freeze is a dual technology aesthetic system for the treatment of Cellulite, Circumferential Reduction‚ Skin tightening and various anti-ageing effects.

    The Freeze system utilizes a unique RF Matrix delivery system‚ combined with Magnetic Field that’s been proven to achieve the above aesthetic results.

  • Reduce unwanted Arm Fat using
    Avita Technology

    For the removal of that “hard to Shift” fatty deposits such the abdominal area. Avita is a new generation Ultrasound where science has advanced beyond the high heat “cooking” principles of basic ultrasound. Two frequency settings are focused on the fat cells around your lower body, one to make the cell membrane permeable and the second frequency to “shock” the cells into releasing fat.

    In addition, Avita has two depth settings to target both shallow and deeper fatty deposits. Unlike some ultrasound modalities‚ Avita treatments are relatively pain free. Avita complements BeautyTek treatments by attacking the stubborn fat that resists most fat reduction methods.

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