All Over Body: Body Stretch Marks

  • Restore Cell Volume in Stretched Skin using
    BeautyTek Cell Genesis Technology

    Be rejuvenated from “WITHIN”, by holistically rejuvenating the Cells of the body. This technology allows miracles to occur–you can turn back the clock and feel as good as you look!

    BeautyTek is a highly effective scalpel–free face lift that delivers an overall firmness in the skin‚ a lift in facial and neck muscles‚ improvement in the skin tone and texture around the face and neck with the removal of excess fat and fluids. Gradually fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed away while sagging jowls and deeper lines become a thing of the past. Facial muscles will become permanently more toned‚ resulting in a surgery–free facelift. The skin and underlying tissue is regenerated‚ improving the tautness of the skin and therefore enhancing the natural contour. Facial treatments in particular continue to improve after a course of treatments have been completed.

  • Reduce the appearance of Stretch Marks using
    Fractional 1540 Technology

    Our Fractional 1540 Laser pierces the skin with micro columns of light deep into the layers of the skin‚ leaving surrounding tissues intact and rapidly stimulating the body's natural healing responses. This procedure perforates fibrous scar tissue enabling the formation of new collagen that lifts scars and wrinkles from the bottom up‚ whilst heating causes tissue to contract‚ resulting in a softer‚ smoother and firmer looking skin.

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