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  • Beauté Pacifique

    We Claim: Beauté Pacifique will Rebirth your Skin in 5 days.

    We Challenge: Take the Ultrasound Scan Test, Use Beauté Pacifique for 5 days, and see results.

    We Prove: Skin Rebirth by full depth Skin Ultrasound.

    We Guarantee: Proven Results or your money back.

    Now available in Australia, Denmarks Leading Cosmeceutical “Beauté Pacifique” is building customer loyalty around the globe and smashing growth records. These products are not cosmetics, they are cosmeceuticals each product has a mission to heal, restore and improve skin conditions. Our mission is not to decorate the skin‚ we repair it.

    A Range of products scientifically developed using unique patented delivery of treatments such as Superior Vitamin A Esters (Not Vitamin A Retinols) to the dermis to repair and improve your skin.

    What sets Beauté Pacifique apart from all other creams, and all other “Claims” is that results are measurable by use of DermScan 20mhz Skin Ultrasound which analysis the entire depth of the skin and its various layers, rather than just the skins surface.

    Important to note is the “Method of Use” of “Beauté Pacifique products, due to their superior quality and effectiveness, ONLY A SMALL amount of each product is required, for example of the Vitamin A Ester Creams – such as Crème Metamorphique and Super 3 Booster‚ only a finger nail amount is required for the whole face, a jar of crème could last 8–10 months, and the eye crème requires only half a rice grain size on each eye, placed around the eye area and allow to penetrate by itself‚ no need to rub in.

    With Beauté Pacifique’s patented use of Vitamin A Esters which penetrate deep into the dermis, it is here where the Beauté Pacifique crèmes do their magic.

    • 30 day money back guarantee
    • Free Delivery for orders over $100
    • Documented proof of a Rebirth of the skin within Days of Use.
    • Free DermaScan Ultrasound only available at 4ever Young Clinic Head Office

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