Face & Neck: Vascular & Pigmentation

  • Microdermabrasion & Facial Micro-Resurfacing with Dermal Infusion using
    DermaSweep Technology

    After only one session you will notice and feel an immediate improvement in your skin’s texture and appearance. Fine lines will subside, acne scars and pigmentation will become less apparent depending on the number of treatments and your skin will look softer, smoother and younger. Sweep away the signs of Age.

    DermaSweep is the next generation in skin abrasion technology delivering a safe‚ non–surgical and highly effective approach to combat aging‚ sun-damaged and even just dehydrated skin. A variable level vacuum pump gently lifts the skin, cleans and extracts clogged pores and sweeps away dead skin layers.

    DermaSweep removes the need for sandblasting or the use of crystals that were popular in the past‚ so there is no risk of particles remaining embedded in your skin‚ or being damaged due to dry diamond tip techniques.

    The system´s nine uniquely designed bristle tips enable individual‚ custom–made exfoliation sessions, and together with skin specific topical solutions introduced using Dermal Infusion, the increased blood flow to the skin’s surface encourages collagen formation leaving a firmer and toned epidermis.

  • Facial Pigmentation Removal using
    IPL Technology

    Skin rejuvenation has advanced beyond the chemical peels of the past. The IPL/Laser process offers comfortable and effective photo–facials for the treatment of sun damage and skin rejuvenation. 4ever Young Clinic’s process uses Medical grade pulses of concentrated light to clear sun damage‚ sunspots and rosacea. Our process provides the most skin safe‚ comfortable and effective photo–facials available‚ with no downtime.

    Many people live with facial vessels that, without the use of thick layers of make-up or concealer cause them embarrassment. In the past‚ this problem could only be solved through painful procedures such as surgery‚ but those days are over. 4ever Young’s Medical Grade IPL/Laser system offers a more comfortable and effective vascular treatment. It’s non-invasive and causes unsightly vessels to fade away after only a few treatments.

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