Face & Neck: ACNE & Facial Scarring

  • Deep Pore Cleansing and Micro-Resurfacing with Dermal Infusion using
    DermaSweep Technology

    After only one session you will notice and feel an immediate improvement in your skin’s texture and appearance. Fine lines will subside, acne scars and pigmentation will become less apparent depending on the number of treatments and your skin will look softer, smoother and younger. Sweep away the signs of Age.

    DermaSweep is the next generation in skin abrasion technology delivering a safe‚ non–surgical and highly effective approach to combat aging‚ sun-damaged and even just dehydrated skin. A variable level vacuum pump gently lifts the skin, cleans and extracts clogged pores and sweeps away dead skin layers.

    DermaSweep removes the need for sandblasting or the use of crystals that were popular in the past‚ so there is no risk of particles remaining embedded in your skin‚ or being damaged due to dry diamond tip techniques.

    The system´s nine uniquely designed bristle tips enable individual‚ custom–made exfoliation sessions, and together with skin specific topical solutions introduced using Dermal Infusion, the increased blood flow to the skin’s surface encourages collagen formation leaving a firmer and toned epidermis.

  • Facial Rejuvenation & Scar Removal
    BeautyTek Technology

    Be rejuvenated from “WITHIN”, by holistically rejuvenating the Cells of the body. This technology allows miracles to occur–you can turn back the clock and feel as good as you look!

    BeautyTek is a highly effective scalpel–free face lift that delivers an overall firmness in the skin‚ a lift in facial and neck muscles‚ improvement in the skin tone and texture around the face and neck with the removal of excess fat and fluids. Gradually fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed away while sagging jowls and deeper lines become a thing of the past. Facial muscles will become permanently more toned‚ resulting in a surgery–free facelift. The skin and underlying tissue is regenerated‚ improving the tautness of the skin and therefore enhancing the natural contour. Facial treatments in particular continue to improve after a course of treatments have been completed.

  • Facial Skin Resurfacing using
    Fractional 1540 Technology

    Our Fractional 1540 Laser pierces the skin with micro columns of light deep into the layers of the skin‚ leaving surrounding tissues intact and rapidly stimulating the body's natural healing responses. This procedure perforates fibrous scar tissue enabling the formation of new collagen that lifts scars and wrinkles from the bottom up‚ whilst heating causes tissue to contract‚ resulting in a softer‚ smoother and firmer looking skin.

  • The healing properties of light using
    Luminology Technology

    From France‚ we introduce the DuoLift – soft peeling allows for a deep cleansing experience by eliminating dead cells, impurities and pollution. The system uses ultrasound waves to exert an acoustic pressure on the skin and generate a micro massage. The biological effects of these waves enhance the smoothing of lines and wrinkles promoting skin strength and firmness. The Luminology action is a recent advanced technology for skin treatment, utilising high luminescent diodes (led). Each Duolift action is associated with a specific colour, diffused on the skin which allows for the best possible results for each individual client. The luminous energy, acts on the treated zone as well as on the mind. For example, it is well known that red has stimulating properties and green is calming. The blue DuoLift colour, however, assists in purifying oily skin.

    Another Service new to 4ever Young Clinic is iClearXL™ is a most effective, dual-mode, phototherapeuticsystem for the treatment of a wide range of skin conditions. iClearXL is a medical version of common OMNILUX technology.

    iClearXL™ uses high intensity, plasma blue light for the fast‚ effective and safe treatment of acne as well as narrow band, infrared light for skin photorejuvenation and anti-aging treatments. This scientifically proven medical technology‚ endorsed by leading dermatologists in the USA‚ Europe and Japan, you will enjoy an unprecedented improvement in the quality of treatment for both acne-prone and inflamed skin as well as older‚ dry‚ aging skin. The treatment is natural on a molecular and cellular level.

    Effective for; Photo Rejuvenation‚ Anti aging‚ Excellent Local anti inflammatory Skin effect, Enhancement of blood and lymphatic circulation. Near Infrared light increases dermal circulation and oxygenation and enhanced metabolism. Anti aging 90% success in reduction of pore size and increase of skin radiance for duration of 3–4 months. Smoothing of fine wrinkles. Reduction of deep pain by enhancement of circulation and anti inflammatory processes with Near Infrared light. Offering Many more benefits.

  • Boost your skin with Super3 Booster using
    Beauté Pacifique

    We Claim: Beauté Pacifique will Rebirth your Skin in 5 days.

    We Challenge: Take the Ultrasound Scan Test, Use Beauté Pacifique for 5 days, and see results.

    We Prove: Skin Rebirth by full depth Skin Ultrasound.

    We Guarantee: Proven Results or your money back.

    Now available in Australia, Denmarks Leading Cosmeceutical “Beauté Pacifique” is building customer loyalty around the globe and smashing growth records. These products are not cosmetics, they are cosmeceuticals each product has a mission to heal, restore and improve skin conditions. Our mission is not to decorate the skin‚ we repair it.

    A Range of products scientifically developed using unique patented delivery of treatments such as Superior Vitamin A Esters (Not Vitamin A Retinols) to the dermis to repair and improve your skin.

    What sets Beauté Pacifique apart from all other creams, and all other “Claims” is that results are measurable by use of DermScan 20mhz Skin Ultrasound which analysis the entire depth of the skin and its various layers, rather than just the skins surface.

    Important to note is the “Method of Use” of “Beauté Pacifique products, due to their superior quality and effectiveness, ONLY A SMALL amount of each product is required, for example of the Vitamin A Ester Creams – such as Crème Metamorphique and Super 3 Booster‚ only a finger nail amount is required for the whole face, a jar of crème could last 8–10 months, and the eye crème requires only half a rice grain size on each eye, placed around the eye area and allow to penetrate by itself‚ no need to rub in.

    With Beauté Pacifique’s patented use of Vitamin A Esters which penetrate deep into the dermis, it is here where the Beauté Pacifique crèmes do their magic.

    • 30 day money back guarantee
    • Free Delivery for orders over $100
    • Documented proof of a Rebirth of the skin within Days of Use.
    • Free DermaScan Ultrasound only available at 4ever Young Clinic Head Office

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