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Line Combat Fluid (15ml)

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Line Combat Fluid (15ml)

  • Works as a Neuro–blocker
  • Muscle relaxing/delineating like a mild Botulinum Toxin effect on expression lines
  • Reduces dark line appearance by adding light emission to deep lines and furrows
  • Actively collagen firming and tightening of deep dermal tissues

Beauté Pacifique Line Combat Fluid works to correct expression lines caused by relaxation of underlying muscles. The product features a dual muscle relaxant effect achieved by a unique ingredient combination. The first key ingredient is synthetic and modified snake venom that works to paralyse muscles and acts in combination with the spilanthes acmella flower, a newly discovered botanical extract that blocks neuro-transmission to muscles for a non-invasive effect similar to that of botulinum toxin. A light-emitting substance is added to help deep furrows appear lighter and shallower. Note – the effect is reversible if skin is left untreated for a few days.

How To Use: Apply first using a circular motion into deep expression lines (forehead, eyes, around mouth/lips, neck, and chest). Allow the product to penetrate for a few minutes and then re-apply using zigzag motions across the lines to disperse the light-emitting ingredient

Price: $97.00

Size: 15ml

Life After 40 Tablets (60 tablets)

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Life After 40 Tablets 60 (tablets)

  • Helps prevent premature ageing and restores the skins resilience and firmness
  • Helps relieve dry skins problems as in eczema, psoriasis etc
  • Contains Anti–Oxidants, minerals and vitamins
  • Test Results: 59 (increased moisture level in 90 days

Beauté Pacifique LA 40 Tablets combine elements from the sea and the earth. They contain a marine compound to rejuvenate collagen, strengthen the quality of skin to its entire depth‚ antioxidant-rich rooibos from South Africa to fight free radicals and horsetail (Equisetium Arvense L.) extract to help in the formation of healthy skin and nails. The tablets work from within to rejuvenate the skin‚ to strengthen and repair and to fight free radicals and premature ageing. Suitable as a daily nutritional routine for those concerned with skin and lifestyle.

How To Use: Take two tablets daily for the first three to six months and then once daily thereafter. Caution: Not suitable for those with fish or shrimp allergies.

Price: $120.00

Type: tablets

Size: 60 tablets

Instant Hydrating Masque (100ml)

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Instant Hydrating Masque (100ml)

  • Minimize fine lines and wrinkles
  • Locks in extra moisture to maintain constant optimised hydration
  • Contains A Vitamins that reduce fine lines and signs of ageing

Beauté Pacifique Instant Hydrating Mask recovers lost moisture in dull, dry skin. It features moisture-retaining ingredients to hold skin hydration and form a water-retaining barrier. Vitamin A derivatives work to reduce fine ines and the signs of ageing whilst optimising moisture levels.

How To Use: Apply to the face and neck 2 to 3 times a week after cleansing. Apply liberally and leave to work for five to ten minutes. Allow to penetrate deeply. Rinse with water or wipe with a tissue before applying a toner and a preferred anti–ageing and moisturising cream..
1. This product may also be used as a leave-on night cream to lock-in moisture and maintain optimal hydration.
2. Ideal treatment after a day’s exposure to elements, such as sun and wind.

Price: $90.00

Size: 100ml

Tyrostase Pigment Equalizer (50ml)

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Tyrostase Pigment Equalizer (50ml)

  • For hyper–pigmentated and blemished skin without any harsh side effects
  • Contains both Vitamin A and a unique tripe action skin whitening
  • Contains a sunscreen that prevents dark skin to darken further
  • Use for dark circles under the eyes

Beauté Pacifique Brown Pigment Equalizer is a lotion for use on hyper-pigmented spots to whiten dark skin and even-out blemishes, creating a fairer, more even skin tone. It combines two herbal extracts and a special form of Vitamin C in a unique triple whitening action. All three whitening ingredients have been clinically tested with significant whitening effect. The product influences the enzyme tyrosinase to control the synthesis of melanin. The equalizer works to reduce the production rate of melanin and to partially reverse synthesis for a fairer skin tone. It contains a sunscreen to prevent further skin darkening.

How To Use: A lotion for use directly on hyper-pigmented spots or more systemic to whiten dark skin and even-out blemishes. Use of a sunscreen is recommended on top of this treatment.

Price: $77.00

Size: 50ml

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